The loser that likes to think otherwise


Looks like I’ll be teaching on the visual staff this season! Come say Hi!


Btw I got the pleasure of hanging out with risingsunspots today.

He’s the cymbal tech for Pulse, marched euph for Blue Coats, and makes sick cymbal gifs.

Also, he’s my favorite prick. Much love.

I’m a dci fan.

Current mood: Drum Corps.

Please share your favorite dci moments with me. Your favorite visual, favorite musical moment, favorite brass warm up, favorite color gaurd, favorite battery and front ensemble visual, warm up and etc, favorite judge comment, or moments judges almost got knocked out, funny sneaky sexy dreadful bus gym field moments.

Tell me about your best and worst run. Tell me if you are more of a visual or music person. Tell me something you could never get right and something you were best at. Tell me a time when you were being a tic and what you did to do better. Tell me when your tech or caption head seemed like they loved or hated you. Tell me about all the love affairs and the drama if there were any. Tell me what you did to stay sane o.o

Anything drum corps or relating to it. Do tell, please. I love it all.

Throwback to when we cooked Korean BBQ for semi finals!

Throwback to when we cooked Korean BBQ for semi finals!

I miss marching so much…

It’s almost 4 am and I’m thinking about how much I miss the long car rides with friends, weekend camps, and anything that has to do with the marching arts…

Out of all the things I could be thinking about, why am I stressing over this? Ahaha xD

That lonely feeling in the weekends when your closest friends are doing what you love hours away with a drumline, winterguard or drum corps :/

Random fact.

Second time I watched dci in theaters, I was sitting between two good friends and I didn’t have an arm rest because they both wanted to hold my hand. One of them was bolder than the other and started playing with my hand. I didn’t have feelings for either of them at that moment and I could tell the other friend was getting jealous so I held his hand too and said “You guys are the best guy friends I could ever have.” End of story.

I like hanging out with Donald and all, he’s like my best friend, but he has too many good ideas when it comes to food, and he KNOWS I’m almost always down. Not fair.

I don’t have drum corps to make me smexy anymore ;(
So I need to watch what I eat now. Dolan, STAP.